Feeling Comfortable

I started this day reading an article in Christianity Today titled Understanding the Transgender Phenomenon.   It was a very insightful article.  I’m not sure that I understood everything the writer said, but a large part of it is what I have wished I could have put into words many times.  My heart breaks for people who struggle with these feelings.  I have someone close to me who has recently begun a sex change and it has been difficult for me to know how to communicate that I love this person unconditionally.  I do have that kind of love but sharing in the process has been uncomfortable for me so I’m sure that comes across as unloving.

Read over that paragraph and you may be able to pick out something that is missing that might otherwise be included.  I find it difficult to say “communicate to him” that I love “him”.  The name change was not too hard to do.  If someone chooses to go by a different name, okay, I can adapt.  Learning to say “he” instead of “she” is a little more difficult.  Reading this article helps me see that although I have not spoken out against this decision my failure to use the desired pronoun may send an unloving message.  Lord, help me to show love and respect.

Okay, “to him” still doesn’t flow from my finger tips yet.

While I believe that we find our identity in Christ and only then will any of us truly feel congruent with who we were created to be, I also know that each person has their own struggles.  God does not discriminate against anyone and draws us with love.  We must keep love at the center of our relationships.




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