I saw a post today that said “I wouldn’t change my kids for the world but I wish the world would change for them”.  Wow.  This was met with likes and amens but I doubt many considered the depth of this statement.  Our kids are the world.  Remember the song “We are the world, we are the children”.  I’m personally sick of so many changes in such a short time.  I know that things are always changing but it seems there is nothing that children can cling to that is constant.

Children need security and to know they are loved.  Those are things that must be constant, never changing.  A healthy home provides that so a child can thrive and grow into a responsible adult.  Sadly, we’ve experienced a breakdown in the home for several decades.  Now we have many adults who are still searching for those basic human needs.  People who should be the providers of security and love have not yet found it for themselves.

One reason a child needs security and love is that they are changing.  When a child learns to be generous it is because they were redirected when they were selfish and praised for generosity.  The same is true for all human behavior development.  We learn acceptable behaviors from being guided by loving parents or caregivers.  The environment needs to be stable while the child is developing.  

Thankfully there is still hope for learning at any age but it would sure be great if more children had loving homes that encourage positive change.


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